• 1 pet per litter, 5 petz per week.

  • For regular adoptions, feel free to change names, change genders, hex eyelids, put up for adoption, etc.

  • For MPAs, please keep names and genders. You may hex eyelids on bred petz.

  • If you decide you no longer want an MPA'd pet, please contact me before adopting it out.

  • If you choose to show, keep Toesocks in the prefix.

  • I can hex eyelids for you on bred petz, just let me know in the application and if you want them to be selfie or black.


Italics are female, normal is male. *Asterisks* indicate POL.

Indira x Gregory

Rummy - *Pokémon* - Poker
Precious dane babies! Rummy trots, Poker has lots of show potential, and Pokémon has semi-short legs.

Circe x Fireball

Whiskey - *Rum* - Bourbon - *Vodka*
Two POLs! These guys are all super cute but I was sorely tempted to keep Rum and Vodka.

Vikki x Bassoon

Tornado - Hurricane - Earthquake - *Tsunami*
Labbies! They all have lots of show potential, and Earthquake is a trotter.


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