Antha Pack

Making their home in the far north, this family pack uses wits and prudence to survive the long winter months. They have been led by White Fang and Light Stream for many years, and under their leadership the pack has grown unusually large.

White Fang ♂

White Fang was the original founder of the Antha Pack, after he dispersed from his home territory. His keen nose and unconventional methods helped him to survive his first winter in the tundra, and shortly after he met Light Stream. She was the youngest daughter of a small pack. Having just reached maturity, she was very interested in White Fang, and not long after they met they agreed to go off on their own.

White Fang showed her how to excavate existing rabbit dens, and together the two created a small network of tunnels. It was cramped, but they were able to endure the coldest snows underground.

White Fang is an advocate for all inter-species friendships, and he has friends among the eagles, crows, and many others. It was his idea to bring Frankie into their pack, for which she is extremely grateful.

Light Stream ♀

Light Stream was born on a clear, cold night, the aurora borealis clearly visible in the sky. Part of a large litter, her albinism was considered a curiosity, much to her displeasure.

As she and her siblings came of age, she dreamt of a pack of her own, and was easily persuaded by curious, handsome White Fang, who saw the world so differently than her family did.

At first hesitant to ally with other species, eventually she became a key part of White Fang's diplomatic work. With her melodic voice and gentle demeanor, she was the perfect complement to White Fang's unconventional methods and occasionally shocking ideas. She loves him dearly, and was hardly even surprised when he arrived home one day with an infant Frankie in tow.

Marqueea ♀

Light Stream and White Fang's first surviving pup, Marqueea is greatly treasured by her parents. Like her mother, she has a beautiful voice and is very fond of singing. She is less diplomatic than either of her parents, preferring to speak her mind plainly, but is ultimately kind-hearted.

It was her influence that won Mitzu a place in the pack, and when she became pregnant for the first time, she was so reasonable that her parents couldn't stay mad at her for long.

She spends most of her time watching over her youngest pups, trying to keep them out of trouble, but she also enjoys spending time with her siblings, of whom she is fiercely protective.

Mitzu ♂

Mitzu was driven from a much larger pack as soon as he came of age. He wandered by himself for a long time, a hanger-on who trailed behind packs and ate their leavings.

White Fang initially distrusted him, believing him to be dead weight, but Marqueea was charmed by his sweet nature and convinced her father to let him stay. White Fang agreed, but has never really liked his daughter's mate.

For his part, Mitzu tries to keep out of the older male's way and makes himself useful by maintaining the integrity of the dens.

Elvandeur ♂

Elvandeur loves nothing more than getting into trouble with his sister Skye. The two are young, which explains their love of pranks and surprises. El is the more outgoing of the two, and is constantly wandering off, causing his mother endless amounts of grief.

A bit pugnacious, El loves tussling with anyone who will indulge him, but he isn't unintelligent, using his sharp tongue to his advantage.

Skye ♀

Much to her mother's chagrin, Skye has the same penchant for troublemaking as her brother - she's simply quieter about it. A bit of a know-it-all, Skye usually gets into trouble when she gets carried away by some interesting smell.

Her one-track mind is both a blessing, as it means she's not easily distracted, and a curse, as it means she often ignores her mother in pursuit of some new information.

Frankie ♀

Of all the strange things White Fang has done, undoubtedly the strangest was bringing home a tiny calico kitten. Frankie's parents were killed by a barghest, a trauma she barely remembers. For years she believed herself to be the only survivor of the attack, until meeting her brother, Van.

The two maintain close contact, but due to her upbringing Frankie has always considered herself more of a wolf than a cat. Most of her life she spent battling depression due to dysphoria, so when a spell was discovered that would allow her to take on the form of a wolf she was overjoyed.

While her new form didn't magically "cure" her, Frankie is slowly learning to love both feline and canine aspects of herself.

Larthrea ♂

The youngest-born of White Fang and Light Stream's offspring, Larthrea has been a curiosity from day one. Described as precocious and wise beyond his years, the pup possesses precognition, his skill growing as he grows up.

His mother worries that Larthrea's abilities have robbed him of his puppyhood. Though he is not much older than El and Skye, he rarely plays with them, preferring to isolate himself and study his visions. His family has dedicated themselves to preserving his youth, though no one is really quite sure what to do with a psychic puppy who claims some time of supernatural destiny.

Jane ♀

The pack's premier hunter, Jane is the oldest of Marqueea's pups. Controversy surrounded her birth, as the breeding male and female are typically the only wolves that breed. Faced with the prospect of leaving the pack with a newborn, Marqueea persuaded her parents that her pup would contribute to the strength of the pack, and Jane has always tried to live up to that promise.

Growing up outside of tradition, Jane was always something of a stickler for the rules. It took the entire pack by surprise when she returned with a mate of her own, claiming to be pregnant. According to rumor, her grandfather sighed in resignation and said that daughters were infinitely more difficult than diplomacy.

Josiah ♂

Jane's mate, Josiah is a force of nature who has never once been slowed down by his missing leg. His charm and persistence won her over. He even helps with her hunting, scouting ahead and reporting back to her when he finds where the herds have moved to.

Despite his rocky introduction to the pack, Josiah has quickly ingratiated himself to White Fang. With his amiable nature, it was hard for anyone to dislike him for too long. When he isn't helping his mate, he accompanies White Fang on his diplomatic missions and assists him however he can.

Tyna ♀

Like her father, Tyna is a spitfire. Born with a proficiency in magic, her abilities were revealed to her family when she started a small brushfire. No one in the pack had any experience with magic, so the pup was apprenticed to a tutor.

Once she was able to control her magic, Tyna returned home with Tico, much to White Fang's mingled consternation and amusement. Having already accepted that his grandchidren were out of control, White Fang instead chose to fawn over Tyna during her pregnancy, and over the pups when they were born.

Meanwhile, Tyna continues to hone her magic, though the pack's non-violent nature means there is no practical application for her gift. Tyna struggles with her frustration, often wondering if she should disband or be grateful that she has never had any occasion to use her magic.

Tico ♂

Tico learned magic from the same master who taught Tyna. Where she specializes in combat magic, Tico favors nature and healing-based magics. Perhaps that is why White Fang was so quick to accept him into the pack, as his ideals mesh so neatly with Tico's.

Though he has more chances to use his magic than Tyna, Tico has been known to take trips when there isn't much call for his services at home. He travels to neighboring packs, often bringing his daughters with him. This has led to some resentment from Tyna, who envies the demand for his magic.

Quana ♀

The elder sister, Quana has her mother's dry sense of humor and her father's wanderlust. Growing up accompanying her father on his medical expeditions. Though she lacks magic of any sort, she has become an accomplished healer in her own right. She considered joining her father as a partner rather than an assistant, but her relationship with her sister has always superseded her ambitions.

Quana and her sister have been inseperable since birth, with Quana usually having to watch out for her sister and pull her out of danger. Definitely the more logical of the two, Quana still finds herself following in her sister's footsteps.

Quina ♀

The younger sister, Quina is more impulsive and hot-headed than her sister. Though the two share the same biting wit and desire for adventure, Quina is usually the instigator of their adventures - and all the mishaps those entail.

Quina's thirst for travel has only grown with time. The young wolf spends more time away from the pack than she does with them. She has considered leaving the pack, but knows that her sister loves working with their father and would want to stay. No adventure would be worth taking without her sister by her side.

Kina ♀


Zina ♀


Whisk ♀

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, Whisk will be the first to tell you that she is not a member of the Antha Pack. In fact, she doesn't even like them. Some of them are okay but it's not like she'd willingly choose to hang around with a bunch of wolves.

She would also remind you that while yes, her name is short for Whiskers, she goes by Whisk, thank you very much (and she would pronounce it like 'visk,' with her curious accent). She showed up not long after Frankie joined the pack, and if she has any family of her own, she's not talking.

Whisk rarely stays in one place for long, and it's common for her to disappear for long months at a time, but she eventually makes her way back to Antha Pack lands, where she trades gossip with White Fang and picks off of the pack's kills.

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