Allison ♀

Show Name: MAT/Toesocks I Hate Goodbyes
DOB: February 22, 2017
Parents: Alisse x Captain
Origin: Bred by Miss Ann Thrope @ MAT.
Notes: Allison is so cute and I would love to show her. Unfortunately she has sleepy sickness so getting her to pose is a bit of a struggle. She's so sweet though that I don't really mind.

Bean ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: September 10, 2014
Parents: Shock x Circus
Origin: Bred by Jenn @ Bohème.
Notes: Bean's eyebrows delight and inspire me. They look like someone took them from an old man and pasted them onto a tiny dog. She's such a cute, feisty little lady and I adore her.

Chloe ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: April 23, 2017
Parents: Bliss x Dreamer
Origin: Bred by Heather @ HKC.
Notes: Chloe is divine! I love her texture and color. I don't know when I started really enjoying chi mixes but I'm glad I did because Chloe is such a great addition to the crew.

Nugget ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: July 9, 2017
Parents: Corrina x Elric
Origin: Bred by Bec.
Notes: Nugget is so cute right??? I LOVE those floppy little ears and the spots, basically she's perfect in every single way. She really is just a li'l nugget, she's so delightful and I love her so much.

Puppup ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: June 26, 2017
Parents: Moriah x Baloo
Origin: Bred by Bec.
Notes: Puppup is indicative of my naming skills with regards to my real life animals. I had a mouse whose name was Momo, short for "mouse mouse" so Puppup is the next logical step. She's so cute and I love her colors.

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