Great Danes

Circe ♀

Show Name:
DOB: February 25, 2017
Parents: Eve x Pooka
Origin: Bred by Shade @ NSP.
Notes: Circe absolutely looks like she would turn you into a pig with little provocation or hesitation, but I'm pretty sure that's just an act. In any case, I'd try not to make her mad (not that it's easy to anger a dane, they're all big softies).

Coolbeans ♂

Show Name:
DOB: June 16, 2017
Parents: Cersei x Jabber
Origin: Bred by Luli @ Chestnut.
Notes: Honestly the idea of having a dog named Coolbeans just delights me to no end. Coolbeans also has the best floppy ears and a fun-loving personality. I love this dog, I think he's cool beans.

Fireball ♂

Show Name:
DOB: June 29, 2017
Parents: Glorious x Oscar
Origin: Bred by Nena @ Amenity.
Notes: Fireball lives up to her name in both color and personality! I love the contrast between her bright blue eyes and orange fur, but I might be biased because those are my school colors.

Gregory ♂

Show Name:
DOB: June 9, 2017
Parents: Kate x Cloud
Origin: Bred by Tash @ Racecar.
Notes: Gregory has such an amazing monochromatic color scheme. He's so striking and such a sweetheart to boot. I love his ears and his big chunky feet, what a doll.

Indira ♀

Show Name:
DOB: July 11, 2017
Parents: Isla x FW1
Origin: Bred by Megger @ Oblivious.
Notes: Indira's got this vibe about her like she knows something we don't. She's classy and elegant and I think if she were a human she'd be an actress in a science fiction show that takes place in space.

Kaleidoscope ♀

Show Name:
DOB: May 13, 2017
Parents: n/a
Origin: Hexed by Harli.
Notes: Harli hexed these danes in memory of Oran, a member of the PC who passed away unexpectedly. She's a variant of Harli's Kaleidoscope Danes (I was really thinking outside the box when I named her, what can I say) and her colors actually shift in game, a very neat bit of hexing. Most importantly, though, it is a touching tribute to a member of our community.

Lativa ♀

Show Name:
DOB: May 18, 2017
Parents: Americana x Levon
Origin: Bred by Luli @ Chestnut
Notes: Those tiny legs! Those pink eyes! What's not to love about Lativa? She's a good-looking girl and you know she knows it. Look at her pose, what a queen.

Suspender ♂

Show Name:
DOB: May 7, 2017
Parents: 15o x 15f
Origin: Bred by Imaginathen.
Notes: Suspender looks like he belongs on a farm. Like perhaps he's a fifth generation dairy farmer who doesn't speak much but always listens. Am I reading too much into this dog? Maybe.

Wedgewise ♂

Show Name: BBAM/Toesocks The Carpenter's Apprentice
DOB: January 11, 2014
Parents: Banter x Bosco
Origin: Bred by bunnyballet @ Bunnyballet's Adoptions and More.
Notes: Look at this beautiful dog! His cream markings on the gray coat, with those blue eyes - he's fantastic! He strikes me as a very quirky fellow, so of course he needed a quirky sort of name to match.

Ziggy ♀

Show Name:
DOB: June 6, 2017
Parents: Pantry x New Orleans
Origin: Bred by RainySkys.
Notes: I adore Ziggy's poodle ears, they're the cutest things. She's such a fun, interesting mix and I love watching her romp around in-game.

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