Please note that I am not responsible for any damage that these downloads may do to your game or PC. They all work fine on my computer.

Forest Playscene

A simple little playscene I made, inspired by one of the Anubite Lands boards. There are tons of ledges and it's noisy to the point of obnoxiousness, featuring American Goldfinches, black bears, foxes, Common Loons, American Crows, squirrels, and more. Designed for your forest-dwelling petz, it's also great for catz and dogz who want to do some exploring. It's also a great way to drive your real life cats nuts!

The regular playscene download includes all the .WAV files necessary for the external sounds. These should go in \Resource\Playscene Editor. There's also a version with only in-game sounds, if the noise proves too much. Currently this playscene is only for Petz 4, but I'll have it up for Petz 5 soon!

Forest Playscene (P4)
Quiet Forest Playscene (P4)

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