Beans ♂

Show Name: n/a
DOB: May 10, 2017
Parents: Caprella x Hombre
Origin: Bred @ Toesocks.
Notes: Meet Beans. He is a fat, angry potato cat and I love him. Beans was an "oopsie," to put it delicately. I didn't even realize his parents were into each other until I noticed Caprella waddling around the screen. Then Beans was born, and I about lost my shit laughing. His tiny body, giant head, and weird neck goiter make him just so... much. And he's so grumpy. He's the angriest persian I've ever seen and I could not adore him more.

Caprella ♀

Show Name: LF's/Toesocks It's Not What You Think
DOB: January 8, 2014
Parents: Sophia x Astronaut
Origin: Bred by Arie @ Litterz Factory
Notes: Look at this cute! Caprella was a lucky find on PUGS. Isn't her name just so elegant and airy sounding? It sounds like a singing term, like "aria" or "a cappella." Go ahead and google it, though. Go on. I'll wait. It's not what you were expecting, right? And that's where the show name comes from.

Diantha ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: January 17, 2015
Parents: Somber x Monet
Origin: Bred by Jenn @ Bohème
Notes: Diantha looks like a chocolate-dipped persian, sprinkled with my favorite meezer points. Add to that her darling little button nose and you've got a cat I can't help but adore!

Hombre ♂

Show Name: Toesocks Chill Out
DOB: May 24, 2010
Parents: Pudgesicle x Choco
Origin: Bred @ Toesocks.
Notes: I was trying to breed poof-tailed calicos when Hombre popped out. He wasn't what I was looking for, but the second he came out and flopped down in front of me, I was hooked. He's so easy going and fun I just couldn't part with him. If I had to be a catz breed, I hope I'd be a persian!

Lethal ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: June 15, 2014
Parents: Indie x Demba
Origin: Bred by Jenn @ Bohème
Notes: Lethal has more bite to her than most of my other persians. She's sharper, a bit more aggressive, and I kind of dig that about her. She's still a persian at heart, just Edgy™.

Luttuce ♂

Show Name: Prehistoric/Toesocks Can You Use It In A Sentence?
DOB: May 9, 2017
Parents: Blotter x Roomba
Origin: Bred by Rin @ Prehistoric.
Notes: Look at this cute boy! Isn't he just divine? His name is the result of a random noun generator. I'm pretty sure it's a misspelling of 'lettuce' but it makes me laugh. Pronouncing it "luh-tooch-ey" makes me laugh even more.

Marie ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: April 21, 2017
Parents: Gopher x Lewie
Origin: Bred by Heather @ HKC.
Notes: Marie has calico personality, and as soon as she comes out the door she bounces around, prancing and jumping in joy. She's also a fair bit larger than most of my other persians, which honestly tickles me to bits.

Pearl ♀

Show Name: n/a
DOB: May 9, 2017
Parents: Poneu x Ylono
Origin: Bred by Rin @ Prehistoric.
Notes: It sounds silly, but what drew me to Pearl initially was the fact that the white socks on her back feet go up one ball further than the socks on her front feet. She has the sharp personality of a BW shorthair, but she's as lovable - and as loving - as any persian.

Simon ♂

Show Name: n/a
DOB: June 23, 2017
Parents: Delight x Rafael
Origin: Bred by Kaelci @ Nekura.
Notes: Simon makes me think of denim, a pair of blue jeans or a jean jacket. He's a goofy sort who loves showing off for the camera and posing. To my infinite delight, he seems to get along well with Pearl. He's an easygoing, friendly fellow, and doesn't seem fazed at all by Pearl's size and sass.

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