Hello there and welcome to Toesocks! We're very glad you stopped by to see us. We are a Petz 4+ site, and this is our sixth layout, Cuddle Fish! Featured are Henri, from Carrie @ Penny Lane, Tangle from Noelle @ Diversity, Horror from Stella @ Lampos, Frankie and Ramune from Rat @ Stray Cat Strut, Puppup from Bec, and Scoots from Beff @ Krunchez. I'm Alyssa, your hostess! Toesocks is home to an eclectic mix of PF Magic originals like calicoes, sheepdogs, and scotties, as well as a few fantasy and wild type breedz. Feel free to take a look around, and maybe head over to the adoptions page. Most importantly, enjoy your visit!

07/16/17 - Added some dogz litters! I've also changed the application form so hopefully it's less intimidating to adopt petz. :)
06/29/17 - Slowly but surely, the crew pages are being updated and bios are being written. Check out the Wildz page if you're interested in reading some nerdy as hell petz lore!


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